Hello, this is the Silver Watchman. On this channel, all are welcome to watch. I do my personal best to improve every video, every week. Uploads are once (or more a week depending on scheduling) and happen between Wednesday and Saturday. On here I typically either read the Bible, try to inspire you, or give you an update on my life (all the while playing video games). Ultimately though, I am a Watchman who is doing his best to prepare the world (or whoever wants to listen) for the Second coming of Jesus Christ. I also try to update the channel art from time to time. I will alway strive to serve the best my ability can offer. On here, there is no judging (that is not my job to do) only teaching in a casual format. My Mission: to educate the world on the word of God. My Motivation: Love for God My promise: the best Quality that I can offer Thank you for reading this to the end; this is The Silver Watchman, Signing out.