We were saved on 4th July 2016 due to a horrific incident that nearly killed us, but we survived and since then we have given our lives to our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth ✝️ We share our Testimony & our Purpose in Life to Glorify Our Heavenly Father. Amen! We are passionate to help children & young peeps recognize their path of 'Self Discovery' through their True Identity in Christ. Learn how to 'renew your mind' through Scripture, Art & Science ❤️ As a Mother & Daughter Team, we'll share our lives, Art, Journals and focus on how to restore our Body, Mind/soul & Spirit according to the bible. We are humbly grateful that you will join us on this journey and with his grace we will grow a supportive, loving Youtube community together. If you are led to kindly donate to this 'Art Ministry' we very much appreciate all the support ???? PayPal.me/drawtorestore Email: ravinder@drawtorestore.com F.B. Ravinder Rayit Instagram @drawtorestore Website: www.drawtorestore.com