In 1960, Lilly Grove Missionary Baptist Church was first organized in a small frame building at 3602 Drew Street in the Third Ward area of Houston under the leadership of Reverend Norris Terry. Reverend Terry resigned as Pastor after four years of service. • Reverend Willie E. Powell 1964 to 1981 He was instrumental in moving the church from it's original location. • Reverend Curtis Wallace 1981 to 1990 Under his leadership a larger place of worship was built adjacent to the existing edifice. The old building was renovated unto classrooms, a spacious cafeteria and a small Chapel. Reverend Wallace resigned as Pastor in 1990. • Reverend Terry K. Anderson 1991 to Present Lilly Grove called Reverend Terry K. Anderson of Eunice, Louisiana to become the fourth Pastor, on December 18, 1990. Reverend Anderson began his tenure as Pastor on the first Sunday in February 1991. Lilly Grove is located at 7034 Tierwester, Houston, Texas 77004