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Miguel de Molinos

Miguel de Molinos

Miguel de Molinos (30 June 1628 – 29 December 1696) was a Spanish mystic, the chief representative of the religious revival known as Quietism.
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You will never be fully resigned to the will of God if you are troubled by human opinion of you, or if you make for yourself a little idol of what people say.
You do not say someone is holy because he puts forth great ideas concerning the knowledge of God and the attributes of God.
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Your directions, your judgment, your disposition to rebel must be subjected and reduced to ashes. How? In the fire of obedience, for it is there that you will find out if you are truly a follower of Divine love or self love.
Seek silence in the midst of the tumult, seek solitude in the masses, light in the midst of darkness; find forgetfulness in injury, victory in the midst of despondence, and courage in the midst of alarm, resistance in the midst of temptation, peace in the midst of war.
Obedience, to be perfect, must be voluntary; it must be pure and cheerful. But most of all it must be internal. I would add that it must also be blind and persevering.
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Think not that when thou art dry and darksom in the presence of God, with faith and silence, that thou do’st nothing, that thou losest time, and that thou are idle, because not to wait on God, according to the saying of St. Bernard ( Fract. de vit. solit.c.8.p. 90.), is the greatest idleness
There are to be found two sorts of Devotion, the one essential and true; the other accidental and sensible. The essential, is a promptitude of mind to do well, (1) ( fulfil the commands of God, and to perform all things belonging to his service, though, through humane frailty, all be not actually done as is desired. (2) ( This is true Devotion, though it be not accompanied with pleasure, sweetness, delight, nor tears, but rather it is usually attended with temptation, dryness, and darkness. 34. Accidental and sensible Devotion is, (3) ( Nat.Dom.Suarez in Molin de Oration. c.6.) when good desires are attended with a pleasant softness of heart, tenderness of tears, or other sensible affections. This is not to be sought after, nay, it is rather more secure to wean the will from it, and to set light by it; because besides that it is usually dangerous, it is a great obstacle to progress, and the advancement in the internal way.

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