For Reading and Meditation:     Ecclesiastes 12:12

Solomon seems to have held off counseling his son until now. First, he counsels his son not to put too much trust in words or books that go beyond the Scriptures. I think Moffatt best captures the thought of Solomon in his translation of this verse: "My son, avoid anything beyond the scriptures of wisdom; there is no end to the buying of books, and to study books closely is a weariness to the flesh." The trouble with books is that you have to read a lot to get a little. That is not the same, however, with the Scriptures. "All scripture," said Paul to Timothy, "is inspired by God and profitable ..." (2 Timothy 3:16, RSV). If we were to spend as much time in the Bible as we do in books about the Bible, we might be better off spiritually. Solomon is not saying that we ought to read nothing but the Scriptures; rather that we ought to make the study of the Scriptures our top priority. In my time I have studied many subjects - psychology, sociology, communication, and so on. I found many of these subjects tiresome. The same cannot be said of Scripture, however. When I open the Book of books, the Bible, I come to it with an enthusiasm, an eagerness, and an expectancy that is not there with any other book. I hope you share that experience. Every Day Light may help you with your daily devotions (pray that it does), but don't let it take the place of Scripture in your life. I would be heartbroken if I thought it did.

O God my Father, while I am thankful for all the books that help me learn of You and know about You, help me never to put these ahead of Your Word, the Bible, but always behind it. Make me a person of the Book. In Jesus' Name. Amen.