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For Reading and Meditation:     John 20:24-31

Jesus Christ accepted worship as God. What other person in his right mind has ever made such a claim? Earlier Simon Peter had made the confession "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Matthew 16:16), which was a profound and powerful statement. Some Bible scholars believe Peter did not perceive the complete significance of the words when he uttered them, but came to see their full meaning later. The twelve disciples, we must remember, were Jews to a man. They had been steeped in their high and ancient faith, and the belief in one God was firmly embedded in their minds. "Hear O Israel," they had said a thousand times, "the Lord our God is one Lord." They were sure the Messiah, the Promised One, would come, but they hardly expected God to come Himself, in Person, and in the garb of a working man. It was difficult for the disciples to grasp the doctrine of Christ as we know it today, or even the truth of the Trinity. They glimpsed it but did not fully understand it. It was Thomas the doubter, as we call him, who stepped nearer to the truth in the Upper Room after Christ had come back from the grave. If Jesus was a good man but not God then when Thomas said, "My Lord and my God," He should have turned to Thomas and told him: "You can admire Me but you must not worship Me. I am not God.' He didn't because He is God, and thus the right recipient of worship.

Lord Jesus, I stand in awe and almost dumbfounded wonder at the fact that You being God came to this world as a working man. My heart echoes Thomas's cry: "My Lord and my God." And in worshipping You, Lord Jesus, I know I am worshipping God. Amen.

Questions to Consider
  • List some of the people who acknowledged Jesus as God.
  • Who else acknowledged Him in this way?

Bible Verses: John 20:24-31Matthew 16:16Matthew 16:1-16Mark 5:1-7Mark 15:39John 1:49John 4:42John 11:24-27

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