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William MacDonald

Contrary to the attitude of some, work is not a curse; it is a blessing. Before sin ever entered into the world, God assigned Adam to tend the Garden of Eden. It was after man had sinned that God cursed the ground - but not work itself. He decreed that, in trying to make a living from the ground, man would encounter sorrow, frustration and sweat (Genesis 3:17-19).

One old worthy said, "Blest work! if thou dost bear God's curse, what must...

Bible Verses: Genesis 2:15Genesis 3:17-19Exodus 20:92 Thessalonians 3:6-10Ephesians 4:28Revelation 22:3

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James Russell Miller

Mount Sinai became the meeting-place of God and the people of Israel. The Lord met Moses on the mountain and told him that He would reveal Himself in a thick cloud, and speak to him in a voice that the Israelites would hear. Solemn preparations were made for the great event. Bounds were set, inside of which no one should pass - on penalty of death. On the third day, the promised revelation came. There were thunders...

Bible Verses: Exodus 20:4-6Exodus 20:8-11Exodus 20:13Exodus 20:14Exodus 20:15Exodus 20:16Exodus 20:17

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