Dreams and visions have always been an intriguing part of people’s lives. With many interpreting them as a special connection to the divine, it’s no wonder that a lot of individuals claim to receive messages from God in their sleep.

Through plenty of stories in the scripture where God’s messengers manifest in the form of mental apparitions, it is believed that the Lord speaks to his believers through dreams and visions. Dreams can provide comfort, guidance, or even warnings from Him in different ways. They can offer insight about our lives, provide guidance for difficult decisions, and even give glimpses of what’s to come. Visions, on the other hand, are more direct forms of divine communication with God, allowing believers to literally see images that contain spiritual messages. They’re often more vivid than regular dreams and can come with powerful sensations like intense heat or coldness. Both visions and dreams can range from the mundane to the strange, anything from simple reminders for changing your bad ways to prophesies that can foretell future events or guide believers on their chosen path.

However, whether it’s a dream or vision, trying to determine if something is coming from God is not always easy to recognize. Ultimately, it comes down to prayerful discernment. When we take time out of our day to truly listen for an answer from the Lord, we can make sense of what we witness in our slumber. When you’re still having a hard time interpreting the signs, flip through the bible for guidance. It speaks frequently of dreams, visions, and prophecies, so you can compare to see if your experiences could truly be divinely inspired.