Photo by Jonatan Lindemann on Unsplash

Throughout scriptures, the Lord speaks of and offers his people living water, an essential element for life. This living water is referenced countless times throughout scripture, symbolizing God’s provision for his people.

Living water or “water that brings life” is a term used by Jesus in the Bible to signify those things necessary for our spiritual nourishment. This can be confused with holy water blessed by priests, but living water is not a tangible liquid. Instead, it comes from non-physical sources such as faith, prayer, and meditation. In the bible, God provides clear instructions to his people about how to access living water: “Whoever drinks from the water that I will give him shall never thirst again.” This water is described as not only physically quenching one’s thirst but also spiritually inspiring and invigorating those who drink it.

For believers, the living water is a reminder of their connection to God’s love and mercy. It gives us hope that no matter what situation we find ourselves in, the Lord will provide us with sustenance and strength to get through it all. Living water will become a source of eternal life within us when we accept His love and grace into our lives. If you feel down and discouraged, the following verses should encourage you to seek your own living water and drink it to revitalize your parched soul.