Sports is very similar to the game we all play called life – you win some and lose some. Sometimes, even when you have tried your best, exhausted all your efforts, spent time, and trained hard, it would still fall short of your expectation – a win. Believe it or not, this is according to God’s plan.

If we read the Scriptures, we will understand that those who will faithfully follow Christ will not always win in the worldly point-of-view. God often allows Christians to fail, not because you did not give your best – but because God wants you to grow and mature. Sometimes, even though you think you failed in getting what you want, you are in fact learning what God wants you to learn.

Sportsmanship is an attitude which does not only apply in sports. If you observe people, those who value sportsmanship in a simple game may also have the same attitude in the greater scheme of things.

What verses tell us to gracefully accept defeat and failures?