Envy and jealousy sometimes go together, but they are different emotions. Envy is the feeling of wanting to covet something or someone from another. An envious person is not happy of one’s achievements or possessions. Oftentimes, he wishes that he would also have them, or they would just disappear.

On the other hand, jealousy is an emotion where a person feels jealous of someone whom he has a legal right. For instance, a husband may be jealous of his wife if she entertains other men in her life. While both of these are negative emotions, envy is worse.

Why? Even God said He is a jealous God. It’s because He deserves to receive the loyalty and worship of His people, yet they direct their affections and praises to other gods. On the other hand, Satan was envious of God’s throne and position, and he wanted to be more. The result of his pride was envy, and he paid the price dearly.