Knowledge and wisdom are two of the most important aspects of life.

We are constantly learning and growing. We can learn from books, from stories, from our mistakes, and from the advice and experiences of others. What we learn turns into knowledge, a collection of information we know to be true and accurate. With knowledge comes wisdom – the ability to see things in a different, more insightful way. Wisdom allows us to make better decisions, and to live our lives in a more meaningful way.

While we can learn a lot on our own, it is often through God that we gain the most knowledge and wisdom. This is because He knows everything and can open our eyes to see things in a different light. He can also give us guidance when we need it the most.

One way to gain knowledge and wisdom is through reading the bible. As we read, we learn about who God is and what He desires for us. We also learn about how to live our lives in a way that pleases Him. These are the bible verses that speak about the power of knowledge and wisdom form the Lord.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash