When God gave life to the first man, Adam, He expected him to follow His commands and serve Him. That did not happen because Adam and Eve made a choice to sin, which separated them, and all of mankind, from their Creator. So what does godliness have to do with our lives?

As created beings, God expects us to give glory to Him by living a godly life. If we are really thankful that He created us, we have to live a life pleasing to Him. But as Christians, we have another reason to live a godly life. Our God did not only create us, He also gave us the hope of salvation through His Son, Jesus.

If we will read the Bible, we can see the story of the Israelites whom God saved from slavery, and destined to blessing and greatness as His ambassadors on earth. Unfortunately, they rejected His Son, and so the task included the Gentiles, who became believers.

Are you living godly as a way to thank God’s gift of life to you? What other verses talk about this?