Walking with someone means being together with them side-by-side as they walked. This should be done continuously so that it would be referred to as walking ‘with’ someone. However, when we talk about walking with God, no man can do that physically, considering that God is a Spirit. So how does man walk with God?

The first man who was mentioned on the Bible who walked with God was a man named Enoch. He was the grandfather of Methuselah, the oldest man who have ever lived, and the great-grandfather of Noah, whose family were the only survivors in the Great Flood. Enoch walked with God faithfully that he did not see death. So the question is, is it difficult to walk with God?

Reading Scriptures will tell us that walking with God means following His commandments, statutes, and everything He wants to be done. There were a few people who managed “walk with God” but not His people, the Israelites. Christians today are expected to walk with God, seeing how great salvation they have received through the death of Christ.