If there’s one thing the Bible clearly teaches, it is that there is only one God, who deserves to be praised, worshipped and served. Yes, the universe, nature, flora, fauna and mankind are beautiful, but they do not deserve to be worshipped.

Throughout history, man has tried to search for God in the trees, the mountains, and even in their circumstances. However, God can only be known through the Bible. And if we flip through the pages of Scripture, we will see that His instructions for His people, Israel, and even until today, is for everyone to love Him with ALL our hearts, minds, and strengths.

Worshipping God and another person, place, or thing is forbidden, either. The Bible says serving or worshipping two masters will not be beneficial in the long run, because one day you’d despise the other and cling to the other.

What other verses talk about only worshipping God?